Treating Dollar Spot

One of the most common lawn diseases, Dollar Spot, gets its name from its distinct pattern of dead circular patches about the size of a silver dollar coin. It occurs when moisture is present during a collection of warm days and cool nights during the Spring and Fall. Excessive thatch, poor drainage, overwatering, and low soil fertility, can all contribute to dollar spot.

Infection by dollar spot (Sclerotinia homoeocarpa) appears as tan or straw-colored spots ranging in size from a quarter to that of a silver dollar sunken in the turf. Occasionally, small cotton-like strings of the fungus can be seen growing from the diseased leaf blades. Dollar spot occurs throughout the growing period, and is most active during moist, warm days and cool nights. As the disease progresses, individual spots may join to destroy large patches of lawn.

The fungus does not produce spores, so movement of mycelium or infected leaf debris is only possible by moving bits of the fungus to other areas. Unfortunately, areas where there is heavy foot-traffic can encourage the fungus to grow. For example, the fungus can be moved by passing equipment, people, animals, water, or wind. All of these factors aid in dissemination of the lawn disease, which only makes it that much harder to get rid of.

Spray Masters Can Help

If you are frustrated with the growing fungus on your lawn, perhaps it is time to contact a professional service. Lawn diseases are notoriously difficult to get rid of, which means that relying on a professional to take the task off your hands could be a huge benefit to you. Also, a professional service, such as Spray Masters, is much more equipped to handle dollar spot treatment. With our equipment and spray solutions, we will be able to address your lawn disease issue and restore your lawn to its original brilliance.