Fertilizer is necessary to make sure your lawn or garden grows to its full potential. With the help of various chemicals, you can have a spray that will encourage your plants to grow thicker, stronger, and healthier. When it comes to plants, health is everything. Without the proper strength, your plants can be vulnerable to breakable and stronger plants taking over their sunlight and air supply. By spraying fertilizer solutions on your plants, you can raise strong vegetation that will be able to survive many seasons and give off that classic green-colored lawn that every homeowner strives for.


While you are trying to grow a healthy lawn with fertilizers, you also may be encouraging the wrong sort of plants, also known as weeds. There are some species of plants that are less than desirable, that have a tendency to threaten the health of other plants. Weeds are known for being pesky plants that can steal sunshine, water, and even suffocate other plants. Weeds tend to also be highly resilient and grow very quickly. Because of this, finding a weed-killing solution that works can be a challenge. Luckily, there is not one, but two different herbicide solutions to help prevent weed growth in your lawn: pre- and post-emergent solution. Both of these herbicides can be used before the weed sprouts or after the plant has already grown. Using any of these solutions have been proven effective when trying to get rid of weeds.

There are other sources to help remove weeds from your property.

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Pre Emergent Post Emergent
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