Due to North Carolina’s climate conditions, the Fire Ant population keeps thriving and spreading throughout the state.
The painful sting of a Fire Ant is enough reason to keep them away from your property. However, unless you employ the right method of removal, you won’t achieve this goal.
Ants rely on their Queen for survival. She is the ruler of the colony and is able to produce a new colony almost overnight. If you attack their nest one day, but don’t get rid of the Queen, she can easily leave and start a new colony somewhere else on your property. In fact, the Queen can fly up to 10 miles from the parent colony and has the ability to lay 800 or more eggs per day.

Broad Management Services

So yes, you can destroy a mound today, only to find another one close by in a couple of days. Broad management is the best option for lawn and garden areas, in terms of fire ant removal. If you do not attend to the fire ant population, their colony could grow even bigger and escalate the situation later on. Also, if you have a fire ant colony on your property, this could mean that you have a portion of land that you do not use.
Insects don’t have a concept of property. They multiply and grow where they see fit. If you are sacrificing a piece of your land in order to avoid them, enough is enough. It is time to contact your local pest control service.

Fire Ant Removal

At Spray Masters, we offer fire ant management services that can save you time, money, and keeps your unexpected tenants away for up to one year. Instead of taking a risk that your pets, children, or even you are hurt by fire ants, make sure that they are removed from your property. Don’t wait until their presence causes a serious problem to your loved ones safety.
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