Getting Rid of Bad Fungus

Here, in North Carolina, our climate can be humid and experience rainfall from time-to-time. Because of this added moisture and humidity, fungus is bound to grow in resident’s garden and yards. Though fungi like mushrooms can be an adorable addition to your landscape, there are some types of fungus that aren’t benefiting your lawn in any way.
“Bad fungus” are fungal disease that sprout up through the soil and cause death and destruction to the vegetation on your lawn or garden. The three diseases you should look out for are:

  • Brown Spots
  • Dollar Spots
  • Pink Spots

If you see any of these on your lawn, you should inspect and then contact a local landscaper. These issues can be caused by weather, overwatering, and using too much fertilizer. Someone with experience and training, like our staff members at Spray Master, will be able to tell you what is causing the fungal disease on your property. Best of all, we won’t be able to just get to the bottom of the problem, but we will be able to find a solution to the fungus and make sure it is removed.

There are more types of bad fungus than just the fungal diseases listed above. There are other species of fungi, such as mushrooms that also have the potential to be problematic. For instance, if you have a grouping of mushrooms at the base of a tree or on its trunk, this is a warning sign to either contact your local landscaper or an arborist. Mushrooms tend to indicate a breaking down of organic materials. If there are many growing in groups, this can signal that their is a lot of decay occurring very rapidly. Certain mushrooms also can be poisonous, which can be a huge issue for homeowners with small children and pets. In order to clear any problematic fungal growth, contact us today for our services.

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Brown Patch

Summer Patch Dollar Spot

Pink Patch

Other Common Fungi:

  • Fairy Ring
  • Leaf Spot
  • Pink Snow Mold
  • Anthracnose