Throughout the year, your lawn and surrounding areas are susceptible to insects that can lurk beneath the surface waiting to feed on the roots of your grass. One example are White Grubs which are the larvae of scarab beetles.

Grub damage can look like:

  • Scattered irregular dead spots
  • Yellowing grass that pulls up easily because the roots are not anchored
  • Dry brown spots that look similar to drought damage

As part of our unique service, we use Acelepryn® insecticide that provides the best season long protection against grubs while also being gentle to the environment and beneficial bugs.

Use a heavy-duty knife or a spade to cut a 1-square-foot flap of sod and roll it back. Examine the soil and roots in the top 3 or 4 inches. Repeat this process in several locations. If you find an average of five or more grubs per square foot, a pesticide application is justified.