How To Keep Your Lawn Green and Healthy

For some homeowners, the front yard is one of the most important pieces of their home. The front of your house is the area that most people see of your house. It also is the area that people judge the aesthetics, and homeowners, of the home. For instance, brown, dry grass is the first indication that a homeowner isn’t taking care of their lawn. Having dead grass and plants in your front lawn not only makes your house look less appealing, but it can actually give others the wrong impression of your home.
In this blog, we will discuss some lawn management tips that will significantly help your lawn be as healthy as possible. And, if all of these tips still are not doing the trick for your lawn, then it may be time to consider a professional service. In Sanford, NC, Spray Masters is the available expert in all things lawn care! If you are tired of looking out your window to dry and dead patches of grass, perhaps it is time to call Spray Masters.

Water Your Lawn

When you have a lawn, watering is essential to its survival. For one, if you live in a dry, or humid area, keeping your grass well hydrated is the key to keeping it green and lush. When initially watering your lawn, you want to do it right after sowing your yard. This is an ideal time to water your lawn in order to keep the seeds of your lawn from washing away or drying out. If you start to see blades of grass sprouting after 10 to 14 days you are in the clear of your seeds drying out.
Once you have laid down the sod, you need to water it well. After you have fully watered the area, you will need to take a full-lawn roller to compact the sod to the soil base. You will want to water heavily during this period in order to set the soil underneath the sod.

Choose Your Fertilizer

Fertilizer is necessary to ensure that your grass gets the nutrients it needs to grow. Inside each bag of fertilizer is a combination of three different chemicals, nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. Nitrogen is the more important chemical used for the growth of your lawn, as it encourages chlorophyll in the plants. This, of course, is linked to the strength of the grass and the green color it displays. Without the proper amount of nitrogen in your fertilizer, your grass won’t be able to grow as healthy as you would want. With this being said, it is important that your nitrogen to other chemical ratio is 3:1:2.
When choosing what type of fertilizer to use, you will want to choose one with a mixture of 30 to 50% slow release and 70 to 50% fast release fertilizer. These types of fertilizers are best, as they give your grass the nutrients it needs to ensure that it grows green and healthy. If your fertilizer has too much or too little of chemical nutrients, your grass may not flourish as you hope it will.

Stay Off Your Grass

Most people believe that if they have nice patches of grass in their yard, that means they can use it, roll in it, or play on it. All of these assumptions are wrong. If you have healthy, strong grass, the last thing you want to do it walk, roll, or stand on your grass. Our weight can be daunting to your grass and suffocate its growth. In many cases, if you walk on your grass, too often the grass can be permanently damaged and will refuse to grow back strong and green.

Aerate Your Yard

You should aerate your lawn in the fall or spring each year. Why? Well, aeration is important for your lawn and ensures that your lawn is getting the air it needs to stimulate growth. Sometimes, when soil becomes compact, air isn’t able to reach the roots. Without the proper amount of oxygen, the plant isn’t able to grow. Aeration makes it possible for air and water to reach farther down in the soil and tend to the deeper roots.

Check For Pests

It is always a good idea to check for pests if your lawn is insufficiently growing. Insects can choose to feed on your grass and suck out the water from each of the blades. Due to this, your grass can become dehydrated and die. If you are noticing small patches of brown grass, or no matter how much you water your grass it is turning brown, checking for an insect problem is crucial.
If you have an insect problem, it is important to call a professional service. Insecticides need to be handled carefully in order to avoid issues, such as your grass dying or the insects coming back every season. If you have an insect infestation, contact a bug control company that can ensure that the pests don’t come back!

Fight Off Weed Infestations

Weeds are nuisances that can degrade the aesthetic of your lawn. If allowed to grow, they can take over a space and even suffocate your grass and other plants. One of the best ways to fight off weed populations is by depending on pre-emergent and post-emergent solutions. Both chemical herbicides work to kill off weeds so that your grass can be free to grow. It is important to keep in mind that pre-emergent and post-emergent are chemical herbicides, which means they have the potential to kill your grass as well as your weeds. Because of the high-risk, if you have decided herbicides are your only option, it is best to contact a professional.

Lawn Care Services

At Spray Masters, we have capable employees trained to tend to your lawn. Our lawn services are extensive, as we can manage the growth of your lawn, as well as maintain the state of your weed population. If you would like lawn care service for your property, Spray Masters can help! We can carefully spray, aerate, and water your lawn so that it grows healthy and lush.