Garden Pests and Why They are Bad For Your Lawn

Just like you need a meal to survive, so do an array of insects and other pests out in nature. To them, the world has plenty of scrumptious meals awaiting them, one of them being your lawn. Your lawn offers luscious green vegetation to snack on and fill their bellies. Obviously, this can be a problem, especially if your lawn is gobbled up by many different kinds of insects.
In this blog, we will describe some of the pests that can plague your garden and how you can fight against your lawn becoming their formal banquet.

Chinch Bugs

Chinch bugs are small insects that suck the nutrients out of blades of grass. If you have too many present on your lawn, your gorgeous green grass could turn brown and dead very quickly. Because these pests eat so quickly, and can devastate a lawn, it is important to know how to get rid of these creatures, as well as how to spot them in your garden. Because these insects are so small, you may have to get on your hands and knees to spot them. One of the easiest ways to spot an insect problem is by monitoring the state of your grass. If small patches of grass start turning brown and dry, odds are insects are behind the issue. Another method you can try is by placing a tin-can on the ground of a suspected infested area. You will have to cut both sides of the can and then place it on the ground. Make sure you push down on the can so it is secured to the ground, then fill it with water. While filling the can with water, if you see small insects rise to the top of the water, this means that pests are snacking on your lawn.

How To Get Rid of Them

If it is confirmed that insects are chomping down on your garden, you will need to figure out a way to kill them or make them leave your property. Because insects are hard to coax off a property, they need to be killed off. Sprays are the best way to get rid of this problem because it allows you to treat a whole area much faster. Sprays can also be made with chemicals that can be used in a liquid form, making it easier for your plants to soak up the solution and affect the insects. Unlike other pests, like rats or mosquitos, simple traps won’t work on garden insects, like chinch bugs. Unfortunately, they only care about eating your lawn until there is nothing left. By spraying your lawn with a solution that is toxic to these pests, they will attempt to eat your garden and be unpleasantly surprised by the outcome.

How We Can Help

Most of us don’t know how to wield toxic chemicals, much less have the spray machine to apply the solution. Because of this, there are trained professionals that are able to handle these sorts of pest problems. Spray Masters is a local pest removal company in Sanford, NC that handles incidences where insects have become too comfortable in someone’s yard. By having one of our staff members treat your lawn, you can be pleasantly surprised what a difference it will make to your lawn.

Spray Masters in Sanford, North Carolina

Spray Masters is happy to help you get rid of chinch bugs, or any other insect, that is feasting on your lawn. Our sprays will ensure that pesky critters will leave your lawn alone and let it regain its initial green state. Contact us today if you are interested in our services.