Pre-Emergent is a type of herbicide that kills weeds. Pre-emergent solutions kill weeds before their sprouts emerge from the soil of your lawn. With pre-emergent herbicides, you’ll want to apply the chemical prior to the time weed seeds start germinating. Weed seed germination occurs when the soil reaches the correct temperature. By applying this solution before the seeds have time to germinate, pre-emergent is the best method to preventative weed growth.

Various weeds germinate at different times, so repeated applications of the correct chemical can eliminate the majority of the weeds in any lawn or yard. However, having the right chemical balance in your solution is essential. If you herbicide does not have a proper chemical balance, you should accidently kill the vegetation of your lawn. By doing this, you will not only kill of the weeds, but the gorgeous aesthetic of your front lawn.

So, why do you need to apply pre-emergent?

The Benefits of Pre-Emergent

Well, there are plenty of benefits to killing off the weeds of your lawn. For one, less weeds mean that you can spend less time picking them up off your property. And, if you don’t pick your own weeds, that means less weeds that your landscaper will have to pick. There are also three other main benefits. These are listed below:


The weed is eliminated permanently

Because the seed is allowed to germinate and the young tender sprout is killed, the weed is gone. Pre-Emergent is activated in the top layer of the soil where the weed seeds sprout and stops the plant from growing altogether. Pre-emergent herbicide breaks the cycle of constant regrowth of new weeds, getting rid of weeds before they have a chance to sprout from the ground.


Easier Weed Management

By applying pre-emergent herbicide on your lawn, you will make dealing with any remaining weeds much easier in the future. Without pre-emergent helping to reduce your weed infestation, killing off all of the growing sprouts can seem like a losing battle.


Use Now, Use Less Later

The good thing about using these products are that with each successive season, the need to spray is lessened and eventually unnecessary.